How Pawn Broking Works ?

Pawn broking is simply the lending of cash against a person’s security deposited. As it is your own property that secures the cash loan, in a way it is like borrowing from yourself! You know how it is - that box of odds and ends that you could turn into instant cash!

Come in and see us for the best price of the day. We aim to provide a fast, reliable and friendly service to people looking for short term cash loans. We give an instant decision and instant cash! Leave an item of jewellery with us as security and agree your loan amount. Sign your loan agreement and instantly receive your cash in your unwanted gold (any carat).

We pay best prices for all your unwanted old gold - whether it's simply a jewellery piece you no longer want or even broken and damaged gold items!

Pawn shops offer the consumer a quick, convenient and confidential way to borrow money. A customer receives a percentage of the value the broker believes the collateral would bring in a sale If a customer defaults, the collateral becomes the property of the pawnshop after the loan is overdue by a specific amount of time. You must redeem your item before or on the due date OR extend it by paying the interest due.

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